Bass Lake Rehabilitation District
Established 1986
The Principle Goal of the BLRD is protecting the quality of Bass Lake, St. Croix County, Wisconsin.

William Holmberg, Chairman        

OPEN, Treasurer

Fred Young, Secretary

Cecil Chally, Commissioner, Acting Treasurer

Tim Riemenschneider, Commissioner

Lynda Miller,  St Croix County Rep

Steve Bohl, Town of St. Joseph Rep
Thomas J. Spaniol  
747 West Shore Drive
Somerset, WI  54025
Cell: (612) 747-7700
The District Vision/Goal

Bass Lake District is a proactive force to improve and protect the environmental quality of Bass Lake and its immediate watershed and assure its use for recreational purposes for this and future generations while maintaining its designation as an "outstanding resource water." It's focus will be to monitor environmental conditions, diagnose threats and deficiencies, and conduct programs to eliminate threats, correct deficiencies and make desired lake quality improvements. BLRD residents will become model stewards of this precious resource.
For Commissioner(s) phone numbers, mailing addresses or e-mail addresses please refer to your BLRD meeting minutes mailings.
"Official" Current Water Level is   884.7ft  as of  June 2018.
OHWM is 886.1