10-10-2018 Meeting Minutes Draft
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Bass Lake Rehabilitation District
Established 1986
Agenda - Annual Meeting
Sauyrday, June 8, 2019, 9:00 a.m.
St. Joseph Town Hall – 1337 County Road V

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Adopt Agenda,Pledge of Allegiance,  - Bill Holmberg,               Chairman
2. Secretary's Report - Fred Young, Secretary
Action: Approval of June 9, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
3. Treasurer's Report - Cecil Chally Acting Treasurer
Action: Financial Status Update
4. Election of Commissioners
*Cecil Chally's term is up, and seat willl be up for election. Replacement for seat                       vacated by John Haag will also be up for election.
5. BLRD Lake Management
*Bass Lake Management Plan Update
*Clean Boats Clean Water(CBCW)
*4th of July Landing Blitz
*Lake Protection Grant
*Lake Pumping Feasibility Update
6. Ordinance Enforcement, Landing/Signage, and Fisheries
*Ordinance Enforcement/Water Patrol
7. County and Town Updates
8. News, Updates and Plan
*Annual Picnic
9. Action on Treasurers Proposed Budget
10. Public Comment/Resident Concerns
*No action will be taken but items may be p[laced on on upcomimg Agenda
11. Review of Building Plans, Shoreline Restorations and other plans
12. Next Annual Meeting - June 11, 2020
13. Adjournment
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