10-10-2018 Meeting Minutes Draft
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Bass Lake Rehabilitation District
Established 1986
Agenda - Commissioners Meeting
Wednesday, September  6:00pm
St. Joseph Town Hall - 1337 County Road V

1. Call to Order, Roll Call Adoption of Agenda, Pledge of Allegiance - Angelica Young, Chair - Ground Rules
2. Secretary's Report - Terra Bostolich, Secretary
Action: Approval of Minutes of  June 12, 2021 Commissioners Meeting
3. Treasurer's Report - Cecil Chally, Treasurer
Action: Financial Status Update
4. BLRD Lake Management
*Curren t Key Issues
High Water
Taskforce Work
Pumpimg Strategy
Land Over/Misuse
*Clean BoatsClean Water(CBCW)
*Volunteer Support
5. Ordinance Enforcement, Landing and Signage
*Ordinance Enforcement
6. News, Updates and Plans
*Annual Picnic
7. Public Comment/Resident Concerns
8. Discuss Meeting Schedule
*2022 Annual Meeting, tentatively set for Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 9:30AM at St. Joseph Town Hall
*BLRD Commissioners Meetings - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6PM, every other month -
Jul, Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May or at a minimum, quartery, St. Joseph Town Hall
9. Adjournment